A big decision taken by Qatar will leave OPEC next month!

A big decision taken by Qatar will leave OPEC next month!
04 Dec

Qatar has announced that it will exit OPEC from the oil exporting countries in early January 2019.

According to Roitzer’s report, Qatar’s Energy Minister Saad Alakabee announced at a press conference that his country would leave the OPEC next month. He said that after being a member of OPEC for 57 years, Qatar has decided to leave this organization for some technical and strategic reasons. He said that the forthcoming meeting of OPEC will be the last appearance of Qatar in this organization.


Qatar’s Energy Minister said that this decision has been done under the long-term strategy of improving the role of Doha internationally and Qatar will follow the commitment to OPEC as other non-member countries. Saad Alqabi said that Qatar intends to create major international partnerships and Doha’s influence is limited to OPEC’s decisions and their country is focused on increasing gas production from 77 million tonnes to 110 million tonnes per year.

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