Putin canceled the US threat

Putin canceled the US threat
06 Dec

Russian President Vladimir Putin canceled the US threat about the Mezyl Agreement in the Cold War era.

According to the AFP, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that Moscow does not violate nuclear weapons, the Antiquity Range, the Nuclear Forces Trait ie mid-range killings.

He accused Washington of trying to limit Russia. Be aware that in the past, the US threatened to give 60 days to Russia, if Moscow fails to address the concerns of Washington, then the process of exit from the Cold War era will begin.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompey had said that Russia has prepared the Integrated Range Cruz Meizile SSC-8 which is a violation of the agreement. He told journalists after meeting NATO component countries that the said Russians have the capability to target Russian cities, Europe.

Russian President Vladimir Putin told the Russian News Agency that the first American had expressed the intention to finish the agreement and found justification for it.

He said that the US introduced the initial justification that Russia is violating the agreement and during this time, it did not present any evidence in favor of its approach as the USA does.

Be aware that American and Russian President Ronald Reagan and Gorbachoff signed the agreement in 1987.

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