If the talks fail, then the teeth of enemies will sour: Ansarullah

If the talks fail, then the teeth of enemies will sour: Ansarullah
11 Dec

The head of the Yemeni negotiator team involved in the Sweden peace talks has said that in the event of failure of negotiations, we will not have any other way left behind the war against the enemies.

Muhammad Abdullassalam, head of Yemen’s Janandwala movement negotiator team, has appealed to the members of the Security Council in Sweden to pressure the attackers to join the political parties in serious political talks.

He said that the Saudi alliance has become the habit of extortion of criminal acts and innocent people.

Muhammad Abdussalam said that despite the attacks of the National Dialogue Team, the Saudi coalition, it is full of seriousness in the peace talks.

Yaman’s national negotiator team, before talking to reporters on Saturday, clarifying Saudi Arabia’s demand for closing was clear that we have come to Sweden for peace talks, not to put arms.

Muhammad Abdussalam said that returning to peace and stability in Yemen is our first priority.

It is known that negotiations have started in Stockholm’s capital of Stockholm between the warring sides of Yemen since December 6. This dialogue is being monitored by UN UN special envoy Martin Griffiths in the affairs of Yemen.

The talks were about to begin on September 6, but Saudi Arabia and Imarat interrupted it and stopped the delegation of the Sania government from Geneva.

Earlier, negotiations between Yemeni parties between Kuwaiti and Yemeni parties in Kuwait have risen in the year 2015 and in 2016, but negotiations were not successful due to the interference of Saudi Arabia and Imarat.

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