Iran’s oldest woman Khamam Guli passed away at the age of 140

Iran’s oldest woman Khamam Guli passed away at the age of 140
12 Dec

Iran’s oldest woman, Khamam Guli, passed away at 140 years of age.

Khunam Guli was born in the town of Dawood in the Lebanese province of Iran and was related to the five previous episodes.

It is important to note that Ghanool Guli was the oldest person in Iran, who died on Monday night.
Climate of many provinces of Iran is good for good health and long life. One of the same provinces is Loristan, which is located in the west of the country, between the Zagros mountain range.

Archaeologists believe that this area has been inhabited by humans since ancient times.

The province of Lorestan is very green and beautiful, where natural scenes attract people’s mind.

Identity card and officer of the registered department, Mustafa Amanpur says that it is possible that the age of Khunam Guli could be more than 140, so that his identity card was created almost 90 years ago. The first identity card in Iran was made 92 years ago.

For this reason it is being speculated that perhaps the age of Khunam Guli is more than the age recorded in the identity card.

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