Trump again supports Bin Salman, said impeachment will cause revolt against Parliament

Trump again supports Bin Salman, said impeachment will cause revolt against Parliament
13 Dec

American President Donald Trump has once again said that he will continue to support the Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman and he is not worried about the possibility of impeachment against him.

Trump said in an interview with Royertz that it is difficult to get impeachment against the person who has not made any mistake.

Trump refused to answer the question about the involvement of bin Salman in the murder of senior Saudi journalist Jamal Khashukhji, but also said that he is the leader of Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia is an important component of America.

Royts asked Trump whether to support Saudi Arabia means that you are supporting Bin Salman, Trump said that at this point it certainly means this time.

Near sources of the Royal Court in Saudi Arabia told Royts that some members of the ruling royal family of Saudi Arabia are trying hard to prevent Muhammad bin Salman from sitting on the couch and they think that the role of America and Trump in it is important is.

When Trump asked about this, he said that according to what I have not heard of any such report, Mohammad Bin Salman’s foot in the power is frozen.

Trump has given this statement at a time when the US House of Representatives says that the CIA Director General Gina Haspell will briefly briefly discuss the murder of Jamal Khushiqi in the House of Representatives.

Meanwhile, there has been a report from Republican Senator Bob Crocker that he is trying to get a vote on an offer, in which Bin Salman has been held responsible for the murder of Jamal Khashukhji.

Regarding his impeachment, Trump said that if this was done then the people of America would rebel against the country’s parliament.

On Wednesday, the court is about to announce its decision about former trump counsel Michael Cohen. Cohen has eight charges in which one charge is about the violation of the law of financing of Trump’s election camp.

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