Yemen is heading into a stone with a stone, instead of helping the poor neighbors, millions of dollars have been looted over its devastation

Yemen is heading into a stone with a stone, instead of helping the poor neighbors, millions of dollars have been looted over its devastation
16 Dec

Regarding the Yemen crisis, a successful negotiation was held in Stockholm, Swadden, and there was an agreement on the ceasefire in Alhudaida city and Alhudaida province of western Yemen, which was celebrated in Yemen.

The delegation of delegation from the capital Sanha to Stockholm, Muhammad Abdussad Salam said that this agreement is a victory of Yemen throughout. But it was from the very beginning that the agreement could be violated and this is happening. In the media reports from Alhudaida, it is being told that the Saudi coalition is being fired again in this area. There were also firing on Saturday.

There was consensus about the ceasefire after the war continued for nearly four years. Therefore, different halqas of Yemen were pleased with it. The people of Yemen’s situation say that the people of the country are tired of war and want peace, but the problem is that the military alliance of Saudi Arabia does not want peace in Yemen. Saudi Arabia has joined a group of Yemen with him and gives him the name of the legal government of Yemen while the condition is that the people involved in this group are present in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyaz instead of Yemen and for talks The delegation had gone from Riyaz to Stockholm, and Riaz returned after the talks. That is, there is no base and place within Yemen.

In this way it is clear that when the matter is between the Yemeni parties, the establishment of peace will be easy, but if the case is to be found in Saudi Arabia, it will not be a cease-fire that under the current circumstances there will be a cease-fire. The reason for this is that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Muhammad bin Salman, was trying to establish control over the politics of Yemen through groups supported by Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has been trying not only to Yemen but also other countries of the region, such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon and Iraq, but it did not get much success besides Bahrain, even though in Bahrain, the Janandolan was successful. The impact of Saudi Arabia will also end there.

In connection with Yemen, Saudi Arabia has made Mansoor Hadi and its affiliated groups through whom he wants to make Yemen’s politics high jack, although the situation is that these groups are unable to find place within Yemen. The Saudi support group which had gone to participate in the Swaden talks, went to Riyaz instead of Yemen and after the talks, Riyaz returned instead of Yemen. Whenever the delegation had to discuss some points during the talks, they used to consult Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world instead of Yemen. It is evident from the fact that this group was representing Saudi Arabia and Amarna rather than any part of the people of Yemen.

It can be judged that Saudi Arabia has not been able to achieve anything in Yemen and that is why he does not want to break the cease-fire in the present situation but on the other hand, Saudi Arabia on the other hand, and especially Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman But there is tremendous pressure in the case of the assassination of senior Saudi journalist Jamal Khashukhji. In the US Senate two proposals have passed against Saudi Arabia. In one, Muhammad bin Salman was held responsible for the brutal murder of Qat Jamal Khashukhji and in the second proposal, Saudi Arabia was asked to stop the support from the United States for the Yemeni war. American President Donald Trump has also been caught badly due to supporting Bin Salman in this episode.

However, in these circumstances, Saudi Arabia also feels that it will not be easy to continue the Yemen war. Since the Riyaz government has ruined billions of dollars on this war, it is now his attempt to find something in Yemen, but commentators say that its probability is very low.

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