Iran’s threat is dangerous: Russia warns US

Iran’s threat is dangerous: Russia warns US
22 Dec

Russia’s Foreign Minister has said that the problem of regional problems through the collision of Iran by the United States and its components is very dangerous.

Sergey Lavrov spoke to journalists on the occasion of meeting with Palestinian Foreign Minister Riaz Maleki in Moscow and said that the conflict with Iran could be very dangerous because it is feared that the Shia-Sunni case may turn into a conflict and then Palestine The possibility of solving the problem will be reduced. Russia’s Foreign Minister said that Russia believes that solutions to the problems of Middle East will not be threatened by imposing threats and imposing their wishes on others, but differences should be resolved through dialogue, and our attitude is particularly significant in the Palestine and Israel crisis About the differences between Israel and the Arabs with Iran.


Sergey Lavrov said that in his meeting with his Palestinian counterpart, he emphasized that Russia is interested in resolving the Palestine problem on the basis of decisions of the Security Council and the accepted principles. They said that we saw how easily the US came out of the agreement to ban nuclear agreements and low and medium-range nuclear majiles and it is not only going through strategic agreements but also from international trade agreements.

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