North Korea’s Staggering Statement, Nuclear Weapons Will Not Be Short

North Korea’s Staggering Statement, Nuclear Weapons Will Not Be Short
22 Dec

North Korea says that as long as the United States does not end the nuclear threat from Pyongyang, it will not reduce its nuclear weapons in a sided form.

According to the report of the Associated Press, the recent statement of North Korea has emerged in such a time that when America and North Korea are trying to reduce nuclear weapons according to the wishes of Washington, on which Puang Yang has invited international restrictions Had demanded to end.

North Korea’s government news agency Korean Central News Agency’s statement has betrayed the credibility of the government of South Korea.

South Korea continues to be claiming that North Korea’s Chief Kim Jong is showing interest in talks about reducing nuclear weapons because the Seoul is trying to create a positive atmosphere for dialogue.

This statement from North Korea can also be seen as a proof of foreign suspicion, who said that despite ensuring security from the United States, Kim Jong would never willingly give up those weapons which he could not afford to protect the country. Understand.

In this statement it has been said that North Korea will also demand the number of 28 thousand 500 soldiers deployed in South Korea from Karamand to Karam.

Be aware that Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump had on June 12 in Singapore where they agreed to completely reduce nuclear weapons from the Korea Peninsula.

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