Turkey’s deadly platoon on Israel, told Netanyahu

Turkey’s deadly platoon on Israel, told Netanyahu
24 Dec

After being told by the Israeli Prime Minister that Turkey was a murderer of the Kurds, Turkey reversed the declaration of Israel as an aggressive encroachment.

Turkey’s Foreign Minister Maulood Chouh Tougul Oğlu on Sunday tweeted Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu a cold-blooded killer.

The Turkish Foreign Minister said Netanyahu was responsible for the massacre of thousands of innocent Palestinians.

After the passage of the disputed bill declaring the Zionist regime as the Jewish state by the Israeli parliament in July, the literal war between Turkey and Israeli officials has risen.

On Saturday, the Turkish President warned the youth of his country, saying that do not stumble a fallen enemy on the ground, because you are not a Zioni living in Israel.

Netanyahu said that Ardogan was about to take control of northern Cyprus and kill the dogs.

In response to this, Ardogan’s Senior Advisor Ibrahim Kalyan said instead of preventing the Turk from speaking the truth, Netanyahu should end Palestinian occupation and stop the genocide of Palestinians.

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