Separate fog: Delhi airport can not fly for 2 hours, many trains canceled

Separate fog: Delhi airport can not fly for 2 hours, many trains canceled
25 Dec

New Delhi: Cold wave continues throughout north India including Delhi. The people of Delhi are getting double whammy on this occasion. On the one hand the cold of the morning and severe pollution on the other side. Due to the fog, people may see less on roads in the morning. Its effect was clearly seen on traffic. In the morning there was a visibility of visibility on the Delhi airport. Because of which no aircraft did not fly for nearly two hours.
According to the official, due to lack of visibility flight requirements, the departure of flights was stopped for two hours at 7:30 PM. Departure services could resume at 9.20 minutes. Several trains going to Bihar, UP and Haryana have also been canceled.
If you talk about Kashmir, then there is a cold, cold hole. The temperatures in Srinagar and surrounding areas reached minus 4 to minus 9 degrees in the morning. The water in the lakes has got frozen. Ice is visible on every side.

Due to the slow pace of cold winds, minor relief was received from the cold wave in north India including Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Delhi. From now on mercury will drop down and by the end of December it is expected that in few cities of North India it will reach around zero That is, the new year will be accompanied by a cold winter.
In many cities of Uttar Pradesh, including Muzaffarnagar, Lucknow, Kanpur, still the minimum temperature is between 1 to 3 degrees in the morning. In many areas of eastern MP, including Jabalpur, Mandla, Panchmahari and Umaria, the temperature ranges from 3 to 5 degrees.
Madhya Pradesh
In the other parts of the state including Madhya Pradesh’s capital Bhopal, the cold winds increased on Tuesday morning. The effect of cold wave in many parts of the state has increased the chill. The weather is clear from Tuesday morning, cold winds are blowing and the sun is sunny. Chilly sunlight is giving relief in the middle of the cold impact. Khajuraho was the coldest in the state where the temperature was recorded at 3.5 degree Celsius. The Meteorological Department has forecast that in the next 24 hours, there will be hazardous effects of mist and fog in many parts of the state.
Cold air has increased in the past two days in Patna and its adjacent areas in Bihar’s capital. In the meanwhile, the weather is clear on Tuesday and the sun rises from the morning.

On Tuesday, Bihar’s Gaya recorded a minimum temperature of 4.8 degrees Celsius. Weather experts say that there is no hope of getting relief from the cold in the coming days or two in the coming days. During this time, the north-southwest wind will run, which is likely to increase Kanakani. There is no hope of a slight difference in the minimum temperature of the next few days.
According to Patna Meteorological Center, Patna recorded a minimum temperature of 8.2 degrees Celsius on Tuesday, 9.2 degrees in Bhagalpur and minimum temperature of Purnia 9.0 degrees Celsius.
Seven trains canceled
The cold and fog has started to affect the trains. Some weekly cancellations have been canceled while some regular trains have been canceled. Due to fog dozens of trains are running late.
1. 12419 Gomti Express: Delhi will be canceled today from Lucknow. On the same day, 12420 Gomti Express has been canceled from Lucknow to Lucknow.
2. 12523 NJP New Jalpaiguri train has been canceled today. 12524 which will be flown from New Jalpaiguri tomorrow to New Delhi, it has been canceled.
3. 12397 and 12398 (Mahabodhi express) NDLS-GAYA and return GAAYA-NDLS will also be canceled every Tuesday till 15th January 2019.
4. 12393 and 12394 (New Delhi-Patna and Patna-New Delhi) All Revolution Express will be canceled on 15th January, 2019 on every Thursday.
5. 12561 and 12562 (New Delhi-Darbhanga and Darbhanga-New Delhi) Freedom Fighter Express will be canceled every Friday till 15th January, 2019.
6. 14211 and 14212 New Delhi Agra Intercity has been canceled for 15th January, 2019.
7. 14323 and 14324 New Delhi-Rohtak Intercity has been canceled for 15th January, 2019.
8. 12557 Saptat Kranti Express coming to Anand Vihar from Muzaffarpur is canceled today.

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