A dispute over Namaz in the open: Furiously Owaisi said – On rainbow and on guard on the Namaz.

A dispute over Namaz in the open: Furiously Owaisi said – On rainbow and on guard on the Namaz.
26 Dec

Noida: In the open in Noida, adjacent to Delhi, the police guard at the mosque has started taking political color now. On the ban on praying in the open, a big statement came from AIMM president and Lok Sabha MP Asaduddin Owaisi from Hyderabad. Owaisi tweeted, “UP police split the petals of flowers for the colonists, but once a week, prayers can be obstructing peace and harmony, Muslims are being told that if you do anything Do it, it will be your fault. ”
Apart from this, according to the law, if a person is doing something personally, then how can any multinational companies be held liable for this?
Explain that the Noida Police has kept the police guard at the mosque in the open. Noida’s SSP has sent a message to big companies here saying that if their Muslim workers pray in public places on Friday, then the company will be held guilty. Noida Police argues that before the Lok Sabha elections of 2019, the public meeting of this method can spoil communal harmony. Noida police has asked the companies to ask their staff to read prayers within the mosque, Idgah or office premises.
According to the notice, if the order was violated or the employees of the offices were found to be violating the rules then the companies would be held guilty.
Sector 58 police in Noida has stopped praying in the open in the park of Noida Authority in the industrial area. For this, the police has sent notices to all the companies in the industrial area.
The companies which are in Noida include HCL Technologies, Elstom Systems, Jansa, Interra, Polaris, R Systems, RMSI, Taal, Adobe International, TCS, ST Microelectronics, Samsung and Minanda Huff.
Noida companies have sought a dialogue with the top police officials on the matter. They want employees to discuss responsibility for their own violation of the order.
On this whole issue, Noida Police says that the decision has been taken in view of communal harmony during the Lok Sabha elections in 2019. Pankaj Rai, in-charge of Noida Sector-58, said that we had been receiving complaints about the prayers for prayers in the parks for a few days. So we have sent notices to some companies in our area.

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