India: attacks on Christians again in India

India: attacks on Christians again in India
26 Dec

Over 20 fundamentalists in Kolhapur of India attacked a house and injured 12 Christians engaged in worship.

It is informed that in the house of the Kovad village, the people of Christian community were engaged in special worship that during this time more than 20 underprivileged fundamentalists attacked with swords, iron bars and glass bottles.

According to Indian media, more than 12 Christians were injured in the attack of fundamentalists, 4 of whom had to be admitted to the hospital due to critical condition.

According to Press Trust India, Christian women used their chilly powder to save their lives and to force the attackers to flee, due to the failure of the fundamentalists to attack, there was no major loss to them.

Be aware that this incident before the special prayer of Christmas has victimized the Christian community in India with tremendous mental pressure.

On the other hand, the police have told that the trial of the attack on the Christian community has been registered but the investigation is underway. The Government has not made any comments so far in the said case.

It is to be known that in March 2015, many nihilist fundamentalists had done a terrible stone attack on the church after which Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis instructed the attackers to be arrested in 48 hours.

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