1984 Sikh riots: On December 31, the court can head in the court, former Congress leader Sajjan Kumar

1984 Sikh riots: On December 31, the court can head in the court, former Congress leader Sajjan Kumar
27 Dec

New Delhi: In a case related to anti-Sikh riots Sajjan Kumar, former Congress leader, who can be punished for age imprisonment, can surrender in court on December 31. Because there is no possibility of hearing this before the Supreme Court verdict against the Supreme Court. Due to winter holidays, the Supreme Court is closed by January. The court will perform general action from January 2.
“We will comply with the judgment of the High Court,” said Sajan Kumar’s lawyer Anil Kumar Sharma. He said that there is no possibility of hearing before his decision against the High Court decision. The Delhi High Court, on December 17, said 73-year-old MP, Sajjad Kumar, was sentenced to life imprisonment and five other offenders for the remaining general life for the remaining general life. He had ordered to surrender till 31st December. The High Court December 21 rejected the request of Sajan Kumar to increase the dedication period in the court till 30th January.
This case related to anti-Sikh riots is related to the killing of five Sikhs and a Gurudwara in November 1, 1984 in the Raj Nagar Part-I of Rana Colony of South West Delhi. After the incident of assassination of two Sikh bodyguards posted in his security on October 31, 1984, then the Prime Minister of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, the Sikh anti-riots were flown in Delhi and some other states of the country.
Sajan Kumar requested the High Court to extend the dedication period, saying that he had to deal with some family matters related to his children and property, and also the time required for challenging this decision in the top court.
Sajan Kumar’s lawyer said that the appeal of the appeal filed in the Supreme Court on December 22 has been removed. He said that since there is a break in the top court at this time, hence there is no chance to mention it for the top hearing request. There is a lack of time in such a situation.
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Sharma said that for the sake of Sajjan Kumar in this matter, he has to take the services of Senior Advocate now. Senior lawyer HS Phulka, representing riot victims, has already filed an application in the top court so that no order can be heard in favor of Sajjad Kumar.
The High Court has canceled the 2010 judgment of the lower court to acquire Sajjan Kumar in this matter. In other cases, in the case, former Congress councilors Balwan Khokhar, Naval retired officers, Captain Bharmal, Girdhari Lal and former MLA, Mahendra Yadav and Kishan Khukhar are included.

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