The unbelievable guest should not forget the trump, the Iraq leader

The unbelievable guest should not forget the trump, the Iraq leader
27 Dec

Iraqi politicians and military officials have described US President Donald Trump’s sudden Iraq visit as a violation of his country’s sovereignty.

It is to be noted that on Wednesday, Trump arrived at the military camp located in the west of Baghdad and met with American troops.
Sabah al-Sadi, the leader of the Islah parliamentary faction, demanded an emergency meeting of the Iraqi Parliament on the violation of Iraq’s sovereignty by Trump, saying that Trump should understand its limits.

Al-Saadi said that Trump should not forget that America’s occupation of Iraq has ended and Iraq is now a free country.

Islah is the leader of the parliamentary block, Shia religious leader of Iraq, who is strongly opposed to the presence of America in Iraq since 2003.
Hadi al-Amari, head of Iraq’s second largest parliamentary alliance, has also expressed strong objection to Trump’s visit to Iraq.

Al-Ameri said, “This trip to Trump is a clear violation of diplomatic laws and reflects their hostile behavior with the Iraqi government.”

Trump stayed in Iraq for three hours, but Iraqi leaders refused to meet him, although Trump and Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mehdi talked on the telephone.

The Iraqi Prime Minister’s Office says that the agreement between the two leaders could not be agreed on the place of visitation Because Trump wanted to meet the Iraqi Prime Minister in the military camp, while Mehdi rejected his proposal.

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