Islam and Christianity complement each other: representatives of senior leaders

Islam and Christianity complement each other: representatives of senior leaders
03 Jan

The representative of a senior leader who is present in Syria has said that Islam, Christianity and other sky religions never deny one another, but all religions are complementary to each other.

According to the received report, Allama “Syed Abul Fazal Tobatabai Ashkazari” representative of Iran’s senior leader of the Islamic Revolution in Syria, in a meeting with the prominent Christian cleric “Batak Ailezchi” of Syria on New Year’s Eve on Wednesday, said that the world There are some such powers which are dividing humans and making them genocide in the name of religions. He said that we believe that all the world’s sky religions fulfill one another, not for the sake of one another. Syed Ashkazari said that today the enemy is scared of close friendship between the holy religions.

A representative of senior leader in Syria said that the Islamic Republic of Iran is a nation based on different ideologies and beliefs that like the nation of unity in the whole world. Iran wants all the sky nations to come together and become the power never defeated in terms of their common enemy. He said that as the unity is increasing today as Muslims and those who believe in secular religions, the enemies of this unity are becoming intimidated. Syed Ashkazari said that this is the same time as Israel is convinced of the unity between the Muslims and it is in constant effort to dissolve the unity of the Muslims.

Allama Syed Abul Fazal Tabatabai Ashkazari, representative of senior leader in Syria, said that as we are a united nation, our enemies are also shared. He said that if we take a look at the events of recent years, then we ourselves will know how our enemies of our unity are plotting to crack among the Muslims, Christians and those who believe in other sacred religions of the whole world including Syria.

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