Kim Jong warned them of Trump, “Do not take a test of our patience America”

Kim Jong warned them of Trump, “Do not take a test of our patience America”
05 Jan

North Korean President Kim Jong, angry with the repeated condemnation by US President Donald Trump, has warned Trump that Washington should not take Pyongyang’s patience and complete the promises he has made.

According to the report, North Korea’s President has once again taken a tough stand after being calm for almost a year and continuously condemning America’s promise. Kim Jong, on New Year’s occasion, has warned the US once again that if sanctions imposed on North Korea are not lifted, then they will also forget their promises. He said that Pyongyang wants to establish peace in the region, but America does not want peace in the Korean Peninsula. Kim Jong said that Washington’s policies do not have peace of words because it will not sell its weapons nor will it be able to interfere in other countries’ affairs.

North Korea’s President Kim Jong Un said, “I am ready to talk with the American President and I am willing to make full efforts to remove the acceptable results from the international community, but if America does not fulfill its promises made to the world and Withholding restrictions and pressure against our country, we have to protect our sovereignty and interests. Apart from finding a new way, there will be no other option. ”

North Korean leader Kim Jong has threatened that if the US continues to pressurize through the ban, Pyongyang could consider changing its position. He said that our nuclear and ballistic missile weapons programs are meant to protect the country, but despite this, many restrictions have been imposed on us by the UN Security Council. Kim Jong told them that we had met with US President Donald Trump in Singapore on June 12, 2018 for the solution of all these problems, where the agreement on nuclear disarmament of the Korean Peninsula was signed but Washington repeatedly pledged the promise Due to being known today, once again we reached there from where we started.

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