India will soon be equipped with the S 400 defense missile system

India will soon be equipped with the S 400 defense missile system
05 Jan

The Indian Army will be equipped with the Russian-made S-400 defense missile system very soon.

According to the report, India will get delivery of this defense system from October 2020, under the Deal of the S-400 missile defense system that has been associated with Russia. Russia will deliver all missiles from October 2020 to April 2023. This deal is quite important in terms of keeping the security forces in a position to deal with any security challenge from time to time.

India’s Minister of State for Defense Subhash Bhamre in response to a question told the country’s parliament that the S-400 missile system will give India the strength of air security in sensitive areas. Through S-400 missile systems, India will trace the attacks of bombers, jets, spy planes, missiles and drones from 400 kms and will be able to demolish them. India has also decided to put the system near the border of China and Pakistan besides other important cities like Delhi, besides Delhi.

It is worth mentioning that in October last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited India on a two-day visit. During his visit, the S-400 air defense system deal between the two countries was signed and a deal worth Rs 40,000 crore was fixed. Although Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Putin did not mention the S-400 agreement in their statements. Indian officials did not even make public announcement to sign the agreement.

Be aware that India has made this deal with Russia despite the threat of US, in which it had said that it was banning countries dealing with Russia.

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