Madhya Pradesh / Kamal Nath government will show strength in making speaker

Madhya Pradesh / Kamal Nath government will show strength in making speaker
07 Jan

The first session of the assembly from today; Nomination for Speaker at 12 noon
NP Prajapati’s name fixed on behalf of Congress, BJP can not decide till late night
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Jan 07, 2019, 04:28 AM IST
Bhopal . The Kamal Nath government’s first power test is going to be held in the first session of the 15th Assembly starting on Monday in the election of the speaker on the floor. CM Kamal Nath collected his 113 MLAs (excluding KP Singh) on Sunday in Bhopal. The party is engaged in keeping the seven legislators supporting the government together.


On the other hand, the BJP has begun to sweat. Kailash Vijayvargiya, who came from Delhi, was active all day in Bhopal. Narottam Mishra and Bhupendra Singh were also engaged in indulging in indecision and dissatisfaction with the Congress legislators. However, it has not been decided till late night whether the BJP will launch its candidate for the speaker post or not.


While Congress has decided to name Gotegaon MLA NP Prajapati for the Speaker’s post. At the same time, for the Leader of Opposition in the BJP, the name of Narottam has come from Delhi, but Gopal Bhargava is also involved in this race. Rajnath Singh, who is coming to supervisor on Monday, will decide on this.

Kamal Nath and Digvijay were then sent to Jyotiraditya, a special aircraft, which became a crisis maker, from Shivpuri to Bhopal
Congress meeting held for four hours: all 113 MLAs, except KP Singh
To save the government in Congress, the BSP, SP and Independents continued to celebrate Sunday. All 113 MLAs, including KP Singh, were present in the meeting of the Congress Legislature Party The lion is sick After the meeting, BSP legislators Sanjeev Kushwaha, Rambai, SP MLA Rajesh Shukla, Independent Pradeep Jaiswal, Surendra Singh Thakur, Vikram Singh Rana and Kedar Dabar also reached the dinner. Jyothiraditya Scindia once again became a crisis maker between CM Kamal Nath and Digvijay on Sunday. Nath sent Sindhi a special plane to Shivpuri to join the legislative party’s meeting, from which he canceled all his programs to Bhopal.
Digvijaya remained active all day
Digvijay Singh has been active since Sunday morning. They went to a hotel twice where the legislators have been stopped. In this hotel, a minister has been kept for the supervision of these MLAs, mostly for the first time MLA. Here, Singh has contacted the MLAs directly. Digvijay had directly accused the BJP’s Narottam Mishra and Bhupendra Singh of congressional MLAs in their favor to talk to them. After this the Congress Party had started the siege of the first legislators and independents for the first time since last two days due to the possibility of horse trading.
What the BJP will do with the horse, it does not have a ‘horse is trading’
What will the horse trade when the BJP purchases our legislators? The BJP does not have a horse or business (trading). We will prove very much whenever we need it. Jyotiraditya Scindia, MP
Can make four more ministers
The government can play two independent parties, Surendra Singh Sherra and Vikram Singh Rana as ministers. After the permission of Mayawati, Sanjeev Kushwah from BSP and Rajesh Shukla from SP can be made minister. According to sources, Chief Minister Kamal Nath has spoken directly to Vikram Singh Rana and other MLAs in the morning.

Shivraj’s churning at Shivraj’s house till late night for the speaker candidate
Decision-making remained in the BJP till late Sunday night to decide the candidate for the post of Assembly Speaker. At the residence of Shivraj Singh Chauhan, all the veteran leaders including State President Rakesh Singh were present. It is being told that on Monday morning the BJP will bring its cards out. According to sources, Shivraj Khemma is not in favor of contesting the elections. The central leadership has left the decision on the state organization in this regard. Before that, there was a lot of buzz about the possible speaker’s election in the party all day long. In the morning Kailash Vijayvargiya reached the party office in Bhopal. Narottam Mishra was also with them.
After a while Sanjay Pathak, Vishwas Sarang and Arvind Bhadauriya also came. After the strategic discussion with the organization, the Vijayvardiya left. Meanwhile, on the residence of former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh, state president Rakesh Singh and the organization reached the Chief Minister Suhas Bhagat. About one hour all talked about issues. In the evening Bhupendra Singh went to the party office Rakesh Singh. On late night, all the legends gathered at Shivraj Singh’s residence. All these exercises are being added to the election of the Assembly Speaker. These leaders have been given the responsibility of contacting independents, including BJP legislators. The BJP has sent information to all its MLAs that they must be present inevitably. That number should not be less than force 109 Congress’s angry MLA KP Singh, Adal Singh Kansana, Rajyavardhan Dattigaon and Sanjay Sharma are also in touch. Vijayvargiya and Narottam are active for this.
Idea being done: Vijayvargiya
Vijayvargiya, who reached Bhopal, indicated in the media that the party was fully considering this. Will decide on Monday. Rakesh Singh also said that the decision will be made soon. By Monday the situation will be clear. The BJP will not make any such effort to approach Congress legislators. Nor is it currently needed.
So this can be the candidate
If BJP contest elections for the post of Assembly Speaker, then the first number will be the name of former Speaker, Dr. Sitasaran Sharma. Apart from this, party senior

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