The Modi government was shifted to the Supreme Court and the decision to send Alak Verma on leave was canceled

The Modi government was shifted to the Supreme Court and the decision to send Alak Verma on leave was canceled
08 Jan

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court will decide today on petition filed against CBI Director Alok Verma on the leave. This decision can be decided in the Supreme Court 10.30 am this morning. The court made the inquiry of the allegations against Verma under the CVC, but kept the hearing limited to the question that the order of the government to be sent to the director on the leave was technically correct or incorrect. In such a situation, it is difficult to say whether or not the CVC report will be discussed in the court order.

What is the case, CBI director, Alak Verma, and special director Rakesh Asthana, accused him of corruption on each other. After which the government had sent both of them on leave on October 23. This matter has been kept in the court through different petitions.

Senior lawyer Pali Nariman on behalf of Verma’s plea, Alak Verma, made reservations. Apart from this, lawyers like Kapil Sibal, Dushyant Dave and Rajiv Dhawan also celebrated his side. Everybody had said that in any case the government can not separate the CBI from its position. The director is fixed for 2 years. Before the action, they should have been approved by the committee to select the director.

In response to this, the answer was given by the Government on behalf of the Attorney General’s Vigogopal and CVC on behalf of the Solicitors General Toshar Mehta. He said that the selection of the selection committee is to be selected only by CBI Director. The government does the appointment. Therefore, this kind of action has the right to the government. Both the top officials of the CBI had increased so much that they started raising each other over each other. To protect the agency’s credit, it was necessary to separate both from work. Both have not been removed from the post nor have they been transferred.

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During the tough questions of the court, many questions were questioned by the parties. The court asked the government to get the controversy of officials running from July. In such a case why suddenly the CBI Director was asked to leave on vacation? Why did not the selection committee be discussed once in 3 months?

The bench headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi asked the petitioner’s advocates, “Do you want to say that CBI director can not be touched anytime? Anyway, disciplinary action can not be done on them? If such So, why is not it written especially in the law which Parliament has made? ”

The CVC report relates to the report that the CBI Director’s tenure is till the end of January. The experts believe that if the court considers the order of the government technically, then the CVC will continue to investigate the charges taken against the director. If the court finds the wrong in the order of the government, even after the CVC cited the serious things against the director in its report, it will be difficult to restore the post.

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