Hushdish Shabby destroyed 5 tunnels and 70 bombs failed

Hushdish Shabby destroyed 5 tunnels and 70 bombs failed
08 Jan

Iraqis self-help force, Hashdush Shyabi, has stressed the need for permanent security on Syria’s border with Syria.

Vice President of the command formed against the dynasty in the western province of western Iraq has said that the senselessly shy is completely focused on preventing the elements of the dynasty that is involved in Syria’s border in the Syrian border.

According to Aunal Iraq website, Ahmad Nasrullah said in a statement: the volunteer force will ensure permanent security for the residents of this province, with the police’s command of Hushdash Shyabi, Army and Anbar province.

Commander of Hushdish Shibby had a meeting in the Kamim city of Anbar province, in which he reviewed the situation of the border areas and announced his decision to stop the intrusion of the elements of the dynasty.

On the other hand, Hushdish Shibby released from the conflicts of fortune, in the ongoing campaign for the remaining elements of the remaining areas of the terrain, detecting 5 tunnels of distances in the northern province of Salahuddin.

Similarly, the Iraqi voluntary force has destroyed 70 bombs planted by the Dash in Salahududdin province.

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