Madhya Pradesh / BJP demands secret ballot outside the House in speaker election, Congress rejects

Madhya Pradesh / BJP demands secret ballot outside the House in speaker election, Congress rejects
08 Jan

Bhopal In the Madhya Pradesh Assembly Speaker elections for the first time since 1967, the Bharatiya Janata Party demanded an outdated voting of the house, it was rejected by Parliamentary Affairs Minister Govind Singh. Let’s say that before this power test being held on Tuesday, Congress leader Digvijay Singh accused the BJP for giving 100 lakh rupees to the MLAs. For the speaker, the Congress has defeated NP Prapati and the BJP in Vijay Shah.


The Chief Minister, Mr. Singh, who was angry with Dattatgaon, did not even see it
The Congress told the first time legislators – how to vote. In the dinner given by Chief Minister Kamal Nath, all four independent parties Pradeep Jaiswal, Surendra Thakur, Vikram Rana and Kedar Dabar included Sanjeev Kaushava of SP and Rajesh Shukla of SP. Angry running MLA Rajvardhan Dhatgaon arrived at the Chief Minister’s seat. But, KP Singh did not even look at the Chief Minister after taking an oath. In such a case, Congress has an eye on eight BJP legislators.
The BJP activated Narotam, Bhupendra and faith
National General Secretary Kailash Vijayvargiay has taken care of the responsibility of winning Vijay Shah in BJP. On this occasion, his Narotam, Bhupendra Singh and other leaders including Bharat Sarang were discussed many times till late night. In the meeting of the BJP MLA, efforts are being made to contact Congress’s dissatisfied, MLAs of small parties. The BJP has formed three teams, who are keeping the BJP legislators in surveillance. Yashodhra Raje Sindia had informed the assembly about a week’s leave, but he was asked to attend the assembly every Tuesday on Tuesday.
We will prove the majority – Nath
Kamal Nath said that our government has got a full majority. Even in the election of the President in the House, it will prove it. On the allegations of BJP to break Parliamentary tradition in the selection of Protem Speaker, he stressed that I do not give knowledge about Parliamentary traditions. I have been a protem speaker myself in Lok Sabha.


BSP MLA’s warning
Ramby Singh, a legislator from BSP’s Patthia, said that the people of BJP President Amit Shah are coming to him. The Congress will have to make them minister. If he is not made a minister, then he knows how to make the minister. Meanwhile, Samarwadi Party’s state president Gauri Yadav said that if the legislature Rajesh Shukla is not made a minister, then the Congress may have to face its consequences.
Parliamentary tradition broken in selection of protem speaker: Shivraj
Former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan said in the House that the Congress has broken parliamentary tradition in the selection of Protem Speaker. When there are MLAs from seven to eight times in the House, they should be made a protem speaker on the basis of seniority. Meanwhile, Kailash Vijayvargagi said that despite the clear majority of the BJP in Lok Sabha in 2014, being the senior MP, Kamal Nath was made a prototype speaker

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