General class reservation: The same as the Lok Sabha Congress, NCP-SP’s position would easily pass in Rajya Sabha bill

General class reservation: The same as the Lok Sabha Congress, NCP-SP’s position would easily pass in Rajya Sabha bill
09 Jan

New Delhi: The Bill, which gave 10% reservation to the financially backward classes, passed in the Lok Sabha yesterday. After which the bill will be presented in Rajya Sabha today. Passing the bill here for the government is not less than any major challenge. Where there are only 73 members of the BJP and the total number of MPs in the house is 244. If the talk of Lok Sabha, 124th Constitution Amendment Bill 2019 passed very easily. There were 323 votes in support and only three in protest.

163 MPs are required in Rajya Sabha to pass the Constitution Amendment Bill, which gives reservation to backward general sections. The NDA with BJP-led has a total of 92 MPs. If the Opposition parties support the bill now on the lines of Lok Sabha, the path of the government will be easy. But if objections are expressed on the bill then the difficulties can be erected.

Congress, Samajwadi Party, BSP, TMC, RJD and other parties are supporting the reservation but due to bringing the last day of the winter session of Parliament, Modi is also making the government stand in the slogans. This is not the Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and RJD have drawn the demand for increasing the quota of SC, ST and OBCs.
General class reservation bills: Quota demand for every party support but 85% up to SC / ST and OBC
In the Lok Sabha, Dharmendra Yadav of the Samajwadi Party, while supporting the bill, said that spending on crores of census has spent millions, but the report is not being issued. This report should be issued and the maximum number of population it has, should be given more reservation.
The Congress questioned the hurry about the reservation bill. Congress leader K.V. Thomas said in the Lok Sabha that we are not against this quota bill but in the way it has been brought, it raises questions on the government’s perception. Thomas said that this bill should first be sent to JPC. Now these parties will be interesting to see the stand in Rajya Sabha.

In Rajya Sabha, 50 of the Congress, Samajwadi Party 13, BSP 4, NCP’s 4 and Amnesty Party are 3 MPs. Whose total number is 74. I.e. the support of NDA and these opposition parties (92 + 74) will reach 166, which will easily pass the bill. Without the bill of any amendment, the bill will be sent to the President.
General class reservation bill will be passed in Lok Sabha, only 3 votes in opposition, will be present in Rajya Sabha today

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