Saudi Arabia attack on Qatif once again, five casualties

Saudi Arabia attack on Qatif once again, five casualties
09 Jan

Saudi soldiers have once again made a fierce attack on the Qatif area of ​​Shia population of Sharqiya province of East Saudi Arabia.

According to the report, the security forces of Saud regime, who came to the area called “Ummul Hammam” and “Aljash” of the Shia-dominated area of ​​Sharqiya, located east of Saudi Arabia, once again launched a horrific assault and killed five general civilians. is. The invading Saudi soldiers have demolished many residential houses and have set fire on the agricultural land of Shia farmers living in these areas.

According to Arab media reports, Saudi soldiers have surrounded Qatif’s “ShuvaKa” and “Kwaqib” areas with extended trains. Meanwhile, the attack of the Saudi army has killed five people and 2 others have been seriously injured, while two people have been taken captive by the security forces of the Saudi regime, arrested and taken with them.

It is notable that Qatif, a Shiite populated city of eastern Saudi Arabia, has been a constant target of the attacks of Saudi security forces after Salman bin Abdul Azeez came to power and, in particular, Mohammed Bin Salman became the Prince. Earlier, Qatif has been targeted for frequent attacks in which tens of active political activists and civilians were injured and injured while many others have been arrested.

Be aware that the sequence of protests continued in 2011 against the injustice and atrocities of the Saudi regime that came in eastern Saudi Arabia. It is in such a condition that this area of ​​oil-rich Saudi Arabia is understood to be an important means of earning Saudi government’s earnings.

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