Dual tax system on ethanol mixed petrol ends, UP cabinet approves nine proposals

Dual tax system on ethanol mixed petrol ends, UP cabinet approves nine proposals
09 Jan

Under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, in a cabinet meeting in Lok Bhavan, on Tuesday, agreed to end the double taxation on the sale of Athenal Mixed Petrol under the Uttar Pradesh Value Added Tax Act 2008. With this, the Cabinet approved nine proposals.
Actually, in the state under the VAT Act, double taxation system was implemented on sale of ethanol mixed petrol. The agency which got the responsibility of distributing gas from the refinery, used to pay petrol to the petrol companies for tax of Rs 14.41.

If the gasoline company washes up ethanol in this petrol, then there was a provision to pay the same tax again. With this, the business of ethanol mixed petrol was not able to do. Even the ethanol of farmers was not able to sell.

2. In addition, the proposal was passed in the meeting regarding the promulgation of State Planning Commission Gazetted Officer Service Manual 2018 in the meeting. Under this, whatever promotion will be done in the post of Section Officer, in the highest class post.
Passed proposal on Fishery Policy
3. On the basis of the order of the High Court, Fisheries Policy has been formed in the rivers. Under which four fisheries teams have been formed in each district now. Ponds also will come under this. The ponds of up to five acres will be reserved for public use. In this policy, the fishermen community will be given priority and if there are no people associated with this community in any area then the poverty line of other castes will be given to the people.

4. The report of the Single-Member Commission for the investigation of the accident on Prayagraj junction on Prayagraj, on 10 February 2013 in Prayagraj, will be placed on the Table of the House under section 4 of the Commission of Inquiry Act, 1952. .

5. Proposal for reservation of mining areas for construction works being done by UPDA and Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India (DFCCIL) has passed.
Proposal for the decisive remarks on the recommendations of Panchayat State Finance Commission
6. In the meeting, the resolution of crucial comments on the recommendations of Panchayat State Finance Commission was passed in the cabinet. For which a group minister’s committee will be formed.

7. In the meeting, the proposal for transfer of movable and immovable property of Noida Authority to the Super Specialty Child Hospital and Post Graduate Education Institute Noida was approved.

8. Cooperative sugar mill of Dhuriapar in Gorakhpur, which was given to Indian Corporation. Consent to the proposal to increase the rent of five percent of the value of land to two and a half percent.

9. The cabinet approved the session of the UP assembly session.

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