Deeper differences between Syria and USA on Syria

Deeper differences between Syria and USA on Syria
10 Jan

American President Donald Trump suddenly announced on December 19, 2018 that he was calling back US troops from Syria.

Claiming to defeat Dish, he said that there is no reason to be in Syria now.

This welcome from USA was welcomed by Turkey. Ottoman President Rajab Tayyab Ardogan threatened to attack one of the Americans supported by the United States and on the other side promised to the United States that he would continue the war against Daiich. For these two reasons, the US is ready to take out its army from Syria.

Some commentators in America are criticizing Trump that they have decided to take out the army to please Turkey.

However, later the statement came from US officials that they would step out of their troops from Syria in a phased manner. USA’s National Security Advisor John Bolton said that the US troops from Syria will leave when the Dish is completely defeated and Turkey will promise that it will protect the Kurds. On this statement, Turkish President Ardogan refused to meet Bolton. He said Bolton has made a terrible mistake.

US President Trump has retreated from his stand to oust the army. On January 2, Trump said that even after taking the army, we would continue to support the Kurds. Trump had earlier said that Daiich has been defeated, so there is no justification for the remaining of the American soldiers in Syria, but now Trump is presenting a new excuse.

The US knows well that the purpose for which he had been pursuing in Syria has completely failed, and in the future he is not going to get any success, but after the announcement of the removal of the army from Syria, after seeing deep disappointments in those groups and governments Is coming in, who had relied on the US. Kurdish organizations in Syria said that the US has stabbed us in the back. America is in the effort to see that seeing the situation, his other constituents should not even go away from him, so he is trying to disclose that America is concerned about its constituents.

But the question is, will the constituents of America rely on him in view of his attitude?

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