Karnataka: Congress-JDS legislator, CM Kumaraswamy in touch with BJP – crisis on government

Karnataka: Congress-JDS legislator, CM Kumaraswamy in touch with BJP – crisis on government
14 Jan

Bangalore: In the political corridors of Karnataka, once again the voice of ‘Operation Kamal’ is being heard. With the news of the arrival of four Congress MLAs to Mumbai, the political situation in the state has climbed and the strike has started once again. There is a news between the non-availability of seats in the cabinet and the internal conflict between the Congress and the Congress-JDS government is in crisis.
Some MLAs are in touch with BJP
According to BJP sources, Congress MLA Anand Singh, B Nagandra, Umesh Jadhav and BC Patil have reached Mumbai, while Ramesh Jarkhili and Independent MLA R Shankar can reach Mumbai. Apart from this, BJP is in the connection with Congress MLA Rappa, Bhima Nayak, K Ramesh and JDS K. B. Satyanarayana and Independent candidate Nagesh.
Although Congress veteran and energy minister DK Shivakumar only named the names of three MLAs and said that the remaining MLAs are in their area. He has once again accused BJP of running ‘Operation Kamal’ in the state.
A look at the mathematics of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly
In fact, the number of total legislators in the Karnataka assembly is 224. That means that any party has 113 MLAs to form a government. BJP won 104 seats in the election. JDS and Congress together have 116 legislators. At the same time, two Independents and a Bahujan Samaj Party MLA are also with the ruling party, with the figure of coalition reach 119.
Meanwhile, Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has dismissed the news saying, “The three MLAs are in touch with me. The three informed me and then went to Mumbai. My government is not in any kind of crisis. I will handle it, the media should not worry about it. ”
Karnataka will drop BJP till 17th January
According to sources, information was received that BJP had planned to drop the government till January 17 in Karnataka. However, seeing the status of BJP in the Assembly, it seems difficult to do this once. However, BJP leader and former Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa denied that he had no information about it.
BS Yeddyurappa has said, “There is no information of Mumbai’s resort politics. There is no truth in the rumors of three MLAs being in touch with BJP. This is a matter between JDS-Congress. We are only focusing on our MLAs. ”
News of internal violence in Congress-JDS coalition
Let us know that in the past few days, the internal humiliation of the Congress and the JDS coalition is in progress, while many legislators are also angry. There are many such MLAs who are constantly in touch with the BJP. Which clearly shows the JDS-Congress coalition government is in crisis.

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