… will be in this way Britain’s split … Teresa Me warned

… will be in this way Britain’s split … Teresa Me warned
15 Jan

The British Prime Minister Teriza May has warned that if the Parliament is not passed in Parliament then the country is in danger of division.

TERIZA ME has emphasized in the British Parliament that the process of withdrawing Britain from the European Union should not be delayed, it is clear that in the absence of a passage in the Parliament, it is possible that Britain, the European Union Exit or breakage completely fails and Britain remains in the European Union.

He said that in these two states, the squatters seeking independence in Scotland and Northern Ireland will be strong.

Indeed, the UK Prime Minister is trying for himself in the most difficult circumstances to get the breaks passed in Parliament.

There is a voting on the brakesuit in the British Parliament on Tuesday.

There was a referendum on June 23, 2016 in Britain, in which more voting was held in support of Britain’s exit from the European Union, while a recent survey shows that more than half of Britain’s people are willing to stay in the European Union.

It is important for the UK government to bring the breakup negotiations to the end till March 2019.

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