Tremendous accusation on the martyrdom, fire in three vehicles followed by collision, fear of many

Tremendous accusation on the martyrdom, fire in three vehicles followed by collision, fear of many
16 Jan

On the martyr’s path in Vibhuti, a horrendous accident happened on Tuesday night. The fire started after the trucks hit the front. Seeing a single accident, loader and truck in the accident, the water was blazed. Police and fire brigade reached the spot after receiving the information. Till late night the fire was in progress.
There is a possibility of death of people aboard, including driver, conductor, driver, loader and truck driver. However, according to Diwali police inspector Rajiv Dwivedi, the number of people in the three vehicles was not known. Only after the flames become calm, the number of dead will be known.

The charge inspector said that the accident happened in front of Viraj Tower. At around 11 o’clock in the night, there was a jam on the path of martyr for some reason. Long queues of trucks took place. Police opened the jam. The truck was moving slowly, then the fast rakshatra loader coming from behind the ballast loaded into it entered into it. Not only this, the fast speed coming from behind, the truck in Maharashtra also entered the cast in the coiling of the loader.

The three vehicles were badly damaged. The loaded loader caught between the truck and the truck flew to the test. Three vehicles were set on fire by the blast. The loader and the condition of the truck was so bad that the driver and the other passengers sitting inside him could not get the exact amount of leave. The police suspect the death of two or three people in the accident.

However, according to the drivers present on the spot, there were many passengers in addition to driver and conductor in the loader and truck, who are likely to die in the accident. In-charge inspector says that after removing the fire, the number of people sitting inside will come to know only how many people were sitting. On the other hand, there was a huge jam on the road from the accident to the martyr. Police force of several police stations reached the spot. Vehicles were diverted on service lanes and other routes. There was also trouble in relief work from jam.
Road to Kanpur from Lucknow on the path of martyr
Fire in trains after collision
Fire in trains after collision
A number of police stations reached the spot and stopped the road from Kanpur to Lucknow near Virajkhand in Vaibhishakh on Shaheed Path. To avoid jam, vehicles were diverted on service lane or other routes by barricading on this path. In the meanwhile, three fire brigade put water and overwhelmed the night.

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