15 children die due to severe cold in Syria

15 children die due to severe cold in Syria
17 Jan

Syria, where already on the one hand, has blown the mountains of trouble on the children of this country, on the other hand, the gruesome cold that is now in this country has had a bad effect on the lives of innocent children.

According to the received report, the cold winter in Syria has taken 15 children in different areas of this country. According to the United Nations agency UNICEF in the case of children, eight children died in Syria’s Alarbank region and seven children in the Hugan area due to severe cold in Syria during one week.

UNICEF says that inadequate medical facilities in this severe cold are causing the fact that Syrian children are sleeping in death. Alarqaban city of Syria is located in the desert area of ​​the Jordan border. Most of the children and women are living in this area.

It is known that due to the war, the facilities are not available to combat cold in Syria, if the local administration did not immediately take action, it is possible to know more children.

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