USA admits, Murzia Hashmi was detained without charge

USA admits, Murzia Hashmi was detained without charge
19 Jan

A Washington court has confirmed on Friday that the presenter of Iran’s press TV channel, Murzia Hashmi, was taken into custody in an unknown case without any allegation as a “main witness”.

According to the documents issued on the order of a court judge of Washington, Beryl Howell, Mrs. Hashmi has not committed any crime. US officials have said that Murzia Hashmi, who has been brought twice to the testimony till date, will be released after completion of the testimony. US officials have not told anything about the time of the release of the press TV anchor. According to an old law of the United States, the central government can detain people in any case without allegation and only as a main witness.


Be aware that American origin journalist Murzia Hashmi works for Iran’s press TV channel. On Sunday, he went to the United States to meet his ill brother, but he was arrested at St. Louis airport without any evidence. He was born in the American state of Colorado. He studied in journalism and influenced by Imam Khumani’s personality and ideas, he accepted Islam and came to Iran. Before accepting Islam, his name was Mellen Franklin.

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