Mission 2019: Lok Sabha election will be held in Bhopal on February 8, Rahul Gandhi will be held in Jamburi ground

Mission 2019: Lok Sabha election will be held in Bhopal on February 8, Rahul Gandhi will be held in Jamburi ground
20 Jan

Bhopal. Congress national president Rahul Gandhi is coming to Bhopal on February 8. Here he will address the general meeting of farmers organized in Jamburi field. From here, Rahul will also inaugurate the booth of Lok Sabha elections in Madhya Pradesh. On returning to power after 15 years of Congress, it is expected to win 20-22 seats in the next Lok Sabha elections in the state. Work has also started at the party level in this direction.

Rahul Gandhi had announced a debt waiver in 10 days after the formation of a Congress government in Madhya Pradesh in the farmers’ general meeting in Mandsaur’s Pipali mandi on June 6 last year. After this, after half an hour after taking oath as the Congress government in the state, Chief Minister Kamal Nath waived the debt of two lakh farmers by pledging the promise.

The farmer will thank Rahul for his thanks: After the debt waiver, the farmers of the state will thank Rahul Gandhi through this gathering. The Congress has started preparations to bring the capital to the farmers from across the state in the Assembly. The event will be finalized on the return of Bhopal from Chief Minister Davos. A meeting with the office bearers of Nath on 27th January is proposed, in which the program will be finalized. PCC has issued guidelines for all the elected MLAs, people’s representatives, district and city Congress president and urban bodies to register more and more farmers in the General Assembly.

Lok Sabha in charge is responsible for three districts: Congress has declared in charge of 29 Lok Sabha seats, which will coordinate among Congress workers in the parliamentary seats. In addition to big cities like Bhopal, Indore, Gwalior and Jabalpur, the responsibilities of three districts have been entrusted to the charge-takers in the remaining Lok Sabha seats. It will be special in that it will also be taken into consideration about the Lok Sabha candidate from the appointed officials.

Report: Lok Sabha in-charge will submit its report to Chief Minister Kamal Nath and in-charge Deepak Bavaria. After this, the process of selection of candidates in the forthcoming Lok Sabha seats will start. Congress’s focus is on seats where they have not won the last three decades. Due to this, senior leader Rameshwar Nikhara, commander of Bhopal Lok Sabha seat and responsibility of Vidisha Lok Sabha has been entrusted to former minister Prabhu Singh. Besides, Ashok Sharma has been given Murraya, Babulal Solanki to Bhind, Vipin Khujanni to Gwalior and former MP Pratapbhanu Sharma has been given the responsibility of Indore Lok Sabha.

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