JNU case, court rejects charge sheet of Delhi Police

JNU case, court rejects charge sheet of Delhi Police
20 Jan

There has been a lot of persecution of the Delhi Police regarding the chargesheet filed in the case of alleged anti-country slogans in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU).

According to the report, the Delhi Police had filed a charge sheet of 1200 pages against 10 people, including Kanhaiya Kumar, in Patiala House Court about the famous incident of India’s famous university JNU which had created a storm in entire India. On Saturday, Patiala House Court of Delhi has strongly condemned the Delhi Police about the charge sheet filed by Delhi Police. The court has asked the Delhi Police why they did not get permission from the Kejriwal government under the rules and regulations before filing a charge sheet in this case? The court asked if you do not have a legal department? The court said that till the Delhi government does not allow the charge sheet to be filed in this case, they will not take cognizance of it.

Patiala House Court also asked the Delhi Police why, why do you want to file a charge sheet without the permission of the Delhi Government? However, after the court crackdown, the Delhi Police said that he will get permission from Kejriwal government within 10 days in this case. Now in view of this rebuke of the court and the need of permission of the Kejriwal government in this entire case, this is a major blow to the Delhi Police.

Be aware that the Delhi Police had filed a charge sheet of 1200 pages in the JNU case on January 14, 2018. JNU alumnus union president Kanhaiya Kumar, student leader Omar Khalid and Anirban Bhattacharya have been named as accused in the charge sheet. Apart from these three, seven Kashmiri students have also been named as accused, including Mujir (JNU), Munir (AMU), Umar Gul (Jamia), Bashrat Ali (Jamia), Rais Rasool (External), Akeeb (External) and Khalid Bhat (JNU), 36 people have been named as accused in Column No. 12, who are accused of being present at the spot. These 36 accused included Shehla Rashid, Aparajita Raja, Rama Naga, Banjyotasana, Ashutosh and Ishaan etc. Delhi Police has presented testimony of video footage and more than 100 witnesses as evidence in this case.

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