Iran Strictly Canceled Report of German Army Spying

Iran Strictly Canceled Report of German Army Spying
20 Jan

Iran dismissed the report of the German army’s espionage, and described it as a part of trying to de-tie the relationship between the two countries.

Iran has strictly canceled reports in the German media, in which it has been expressed that Iran has served for German espionage espionage for German Army, a German-Afghan citizen with dual citizenship for alleged espionage . Iran has said that it is a conspiracy to influence the good relationship between Tehran-Europe.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi said on Saturday night that there is no connection between the person whose name is being taken and the Islamic Republic. He said that after the nuclear deal signed between Iran and the group Five Money One, after the unilateral violation of JCPO’s on behalf of the United States, there is no surprise with such claims in view of the ongoing efforts to eradicate relations between Tehran-Europe.

Bahram Qassemi said: “We are not surprised at this story, which has emerged between Iran and Europe for an allegation of safety against those trying to tarnish relations in this important and sensitive phase

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