Japan will continue to buy oil from Iran: Saito

Japan will continue to buy oil from Iran: Saito
22 Jan

Japan’s ambassador to Tehran has said that his country will continue to buy oil from Iran because Irani oil has an important role in the development of its country.

According to the news agency Erna, Japan’s ambassador to Tehran, Mitsigo Saito, in a meeting with Kazim Jalali, head of the study department in the Iranian parliament, said that despite some sanctions and Western companies leaving Iran, some Japanese companies continued cooperative cooperation with Iran. Will keep

Describing the purchase of oil from Iran as important in the development of Japan, he said that cooperatives in Iran and Japan in different areas have been continuing in 9 different areas and have significant achievements, so this cooperative surface should be further expanded.

Ambassador of Japan in Tehran similarly point to the rich culture of the Iranian people and said that Iran is a culturally rich and prosperous country and transactions with Iran play an important role in Japan’s upcoming program.

Kazim Jalali in this meeting also indicated co-operation between Tehran-Tokyo and hoped that despite the US’s unjust sanctions, co-operation between Iran and Japan is better and the bilateral relations should have greater expansion.

In the Iranian parliament, the head of the study department, in the same way, said the exit from the nuclear agreement by the US was detrimental to all countries of the world and said that if Japan and other countries of the world want to be adorned with international laws and agreements, Resist the exit of the nuclear deal and against its breaches.

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