Iraqi Hashurdashabi threatens America and Israel openly

Iraqi Hashurdashabi threatens America and Israel openly
23 Jan

Qasim Musaleh, commander of the Amber province of Iraq’s self-serving army Hashadushaba, has reported the American efforts to revive the terrorist faction of Daiich in different areas of Iraq and Syria.

Another commander of Iraq’s self-service force, Mune Alqazmi, reacted to recent threats of Zionist rule based on the invasion of self-service forces on Iraqi soil, said that thousands of mezails are ready to answer Israel’s possible attacks .

US Secretary of State Mike Pompey had earlier claimed that the Zionist regime aims to target some targets of Hashush Shabbir on Iraqi soil.

The increase in US proceedings in support of the Zionist regime against the Iraqi regime and the threats of the United States, along with the increase in US operations in the region, shows that Baghdad faces new waves of Zioni – American conspiracies, after which there are intense reactions from Iraq Have started coming

In this connection, Alfah al-Assad of Iraq recently threatened the United States and Israel that the answer to any kind of attack on the Iraqi self-help forces and the Hashad Shashababi bases would be retrograde and painful. The Alftha Coalition had earlier emphasized that America and Israel want to revive Iraqi militants who are defeated by the Islamic Resistance Forces and the Hashudasababi and start a new era of interference and overcrowding in Iraq.

After the destruction of Daiich in Iraq in December 2017, Iraqi people, leaders, media and parties, including the United States, are demanding the expulsion of foreign troops from the country, but the US remains in Iraq in the periphery of the so-called alliance against terrorism. Washington not only wants to get away from Iraq but has also increased the proceedings and threats against the Iraqi people, and this is the reason why Iraqi volunteer forces have alerted the United States and its components by taking cognizance of threats.

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