America: Once again the Gari attacker’s gun, the lives of five innocent people

America: Once again the Gari attacker’s gun, the lives of five innocent people
24 Jan

Washington / Florida: Once again, gun-based violence has shaken America. Five people have died in the recent attack. These attacks have happened in the US state of Serbia. In the attack on Wednesday, the attacker targeted the Sun Trust Bank. The information came out close to 12.30 pm yesterday, during which a person called America’s Emergency Service and said that he heard the sound of five bullets running inside the bank.
According to Sheriff’s office, when the security personnel arrived there, they made a circle and tried to interact with the attacker inside the bank. The Sheriff’s office further said, “When the attempts to bring the attacker inside out through the conversation failed, the HCSO SWAT team reached within the bank and tried to negotiate.”
The 21 year old invader has been identified as Jeffan Jewelery. Officials say that Zephon resident Sarbig surrendered at the end. When the police arrived within the bank, he would have seen at least five victims. In a news conference, Ebring Police Chief Carl Hoglund said, “These were the people who became victims of the act of the bank in the bank, they were brutally murdered.” Holland did not share any other information related to someone else’s wound up.
Belgaum is the attacker in America
In another report, it has come to light that Zephon has called himself the officers and informed him to run bullets inside the bank. At the same time, no information has been shared about the five people who died, who are those people. Let us tell you that gun violence in American society is like a canker. The events that occur in this most powerful country of the world are caused by such incidents, due to which gun control is the issue of gun control.
Prior to this incident, an unknown attacker shot dead a police officer of Indian origin during the traffic control in California, USA. 33 year old Ronil Singh was working with the Newman Police Department from July 2011. They were shot and killed during traffic control. This incident of 2018 was at the time when they were overtime for Christmas on the basis of their family’s wildlife.
At the same time, four people were killed in an incident of firing at Mercy Hospital in Chicago before killing the policeman. They included a police officer and a doctor. Chicago Police Chief Eddie T. Johnson said that this was an incident that was executed by an American man. Johnson also said that the first victim of the attack was a woman with whom she was in the relationship. Both of them were going to get married but it could not happen.

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