Now warns Russia neither to Israel, warning of Moscow’s patience to take Tel Aviv

Now warns Russia neither to Israel, warning of Moscow’s patience to take Tel Aviv
24 Jan

Russia has warned Israel in stern words that Tel Aviv has crossed the Red Line by attacking Damascus.

According to the report, a Russian official expressing anguish over the continuous attacks by Israel, saying that Russia’s patience of Tel Aviv has been filled with the attacks on Damascus. He said that Israel has cross-border the Red Line by Russia and now Moscow is seriously considering this in this regard.

Defense Minister Andrei Crosov, Vice President of the Russian Parliament Duma, said that the attack by Israel on Syria, an open violation of international laws and an attack on an autonomous country. Andre Krosov said that there is a limit to Moscow ‘s patience in the fight against the attacks by Tel Aviv on Damascus. He said that Russia will continue to support Syria’s legal government.

On the other hand, the Syrian Air Force used a new missile defense system to counter the recent attacks of the Zionist regime, which increased the discomfort of Israel. Meanwhile, on Monday, the Syrian Air Defense System destroyed more than 30 missiles fired by the Zioni regime in the air.

It is worth noting that the Syrian Foreign Ministry sent separate letters to the United Nations and the Security Council, asking whether it is not the time that the United Nations Security Council should stop the regular attacks of Syria against Syria? The Damascus government has warned that if the Security Council did not take any effective action, the way Israel attacks Damascus International Airport, in response to this, Tel Aviv airport will also be attacked. Syria has said that the main reason for Zioni’s regime’s growing courage is to keep the silence of the UN and the Security Council simple.

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