Myanmar army chief to be prosecuted: UN

Myanmar army chief to be prosecuted: UN
26 Jan

In the cases of human rights in Myanmar, the special reporter of the United Nations has demanded the trial of the army chief of this country.

In a statement in Yang Yi Li said that due to the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims, the Chief of Myanmar should stand in the courtroom of justice. He said that before the withdrawal of Rohingya refugees from Rohingya refugees, it is necessary to prosecute those who are inhuman crimes against them.


Bangladesh and Myanmar have signed an agreement on the return of Rohingya Muslims to the protected areas but it has not been implemented so far. According to the reports, more than seven lakh Rohingya Muslims have taken shelter in Bangladesh from the protected areas of Myanmar till 25 August 2017. During this time, more than ten thousand Rohingya Muslims have been killed in the attacks of Myanmar army and extremist Buddhists. The United Nations has described Myanmar army as responsible and responsible for the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims of this country and the worst army in the world.

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