USA and Russia face a face in Venezuela, Hizbullah also assured assurances given to Maduro

USA and Russia face a face in Venezuela, Hizbullah also assured assurances given to Maduro
27 Jan

America and Russia are once again in the prosperity of the South American country Venezuela.

While the US is pushing for the defeat of President Nicholas Maduro in Venezuela, the Russians have jumped on the ground to save their ally.

Iran and Hezbollah have also assurred a lot of help to Maduro for failing American efforts in Venezuela.

On Friday, a delegation led by Hizbullah’s senior parliamentarian Mohammad Raid visited the Embassy of Venezuela in Beirut and assured the government and public support against America’s attempt to overthrow the country.

Hizbullah’s leader criticized the American intervention in Venezuela’s internal affairs and said that America has been looking for greedy eyes on Venezuela’s oil reserves for years.

In the meantime, the US has sparked its efforts for the coup in Venezuela and the American diplomat has left the embassy located in Caracas and returned home.

The US Secretary of State says that he will ask the United Nations Security Council to recognize Venezuelan rebel leader Khuan Guido as President of Venezuela.

In the last 25 years, America has tried at least 3 times in the Venezuelan coup, but it has failed every time, though this time the attempt of the coup is being done on a large scale.
The rebel leader, Goido had asked the army to join them, but Defense Minister Vladimir Pedriano Lopez made it clear that the army would not change.

Criticizing Goido, Lopez tweeted that the country’s army would not consider any person to be its president, whose interests are doubtful and who himself is out of the legal framework and is telling himself the president.

Now the US has made a new move to demand a meeting of the Security Council so that it can raise support for Goido.

Although Russia has opposed this move of the United States, said that Washington is trying to overthrow Venezuela in Venezuela.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Larov has warned the United States that it should stop blaming the international laws, because in this way a military collision has arisen.

President Maduro of Venezuela welcomed the demand of Pompey for holding a meeting with the United Nations Security Council.

He said, thanks to Pompeo, we will get an opportunity to mention the law about the coup.

On Wednesday, Maduro announced 72 hours of American diplomats to leave the country while announcing the breakdown of diplomatic relations with the United States.

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