Shaikh Ali Salman should be freed immediately, al-Wifaq

Shaikh Ali Salman should be freed immediately, al-Wifaq
28 Jan

Bahrain’s al-Wifak party has issued a statement and demanded immediate release of the party’s general secretary Sheikh Ali Salamman.

It is important that on 24th October 2018, Sheikh Ali Salman and two former MPs Sheikh Hasina Sultan and Ali al-Asvad have been given life imprisonment under false and false allegations of a country’s court for spying for Qatar on the directions of the Bahrain’s caliph government. The sentence was heard.

Regarding reconsidering the judgment of Shaikh Ali Salman, Sheikh Hasan Sultan and Ali Al-Asvad, Al-Wifak party has said that he has concrete proof that there is no evidence against the party chief and his two associates Are not there.

On Monday, Sheikh Ali Salman and his two colleagues will be produced in court so that the court can reconsider their punishment.

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