Iraq strongly warns Israel about possible attack

Iraq strongly warns Israel about possible attack
28 Jan

The Iraqi Parliament has strongly warned the Zionist regime regarding all possible attacks.

Ali Jabbar, a member of the Security and Defense Committee in the Iraqi Parliament, has said in a communication to the website that if the Zionist regime is proven to be the exact source of the attack on Iraq, then the Iraq government will take all necessary steps. He emphasized that the Zionist regime does not have the courage to do an air attack on Iraq, and that the Security Agreement between Baghdad and Washington has also been told that the US side, against any Iraq or any foreign invasion of Iraq It is committed to answer the attack.

The Israeli newspaper, Jerusalem Post, reported on Thursday that Israel could attack Iraq to prevent Iran’s landed access to Syria and Lebanon. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeio also said in the meeting with Iraq’s Foreign Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi in Baghdad that Zioni rule intends to attack Iraq’s self-help forces.

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