The most serious warning to Israel on behalf of IRGC

The most serious warning to Israel on behalf of IRGC
29 Jan

The Islamic Revolution Guardian Force has warned Israel of a very dangerous act of waging a new war.

Brigadier General Hussain Salami, IRGC commander has warned that if the Zionist regime wins a new war, then the survival of the Israel will end and free the Palestinian territories.

He said this while talking to journalists on the occasion of “The Defense and Security Structure of the Islamic System” at Tehran on Monday.

The General Salami said: “We declare that if Israel takes any step to wage a new war, then this war will be a war that will end its existence and the affluent areas will be taken.”

His statement came in response to the statement of Zayonymi Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week, in which Netanyahu threatened Iran on behalf of the consequence of any danger against Tel Aviv.

On January 21, Netanyahu had given a speech in a public meeting that Israel was active against Iran and the Syrian army, which was helping in the Iranian attack in their words.

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