Investor Summit scam: FIR will be filed with recovery from the culprits

Investor Summit scam: FIR will be filed with recovery from the culprits
30 Jan

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has ordered the suspension of three employees, including the then garden superintendent Dharampal Yadav, who was found guilty of scam in the decoration during the Investors Summit. Dharmapal has given instructions to recover 82 lakhs and to file an FIR under the Prevention of Corruption Act. Apart from this, it has also been decided to demote Dharampal who got promotions to the post of Deputy Director. In the supervision, a show-cause notice will be given to five officials, including the then director, garden, for negligence.
In February, the Investor Summit held in February, the event venue was entrusted to the Gardens Department in the Indira Gandhi Foundation and in the capital for decoration of flowers. Amar Ghazal raised the issue with prominence on the complaint of scandal in it. Chief Minister ordered APC Prabhat Kumar to conduct an inquiry. APC had created a committee of PCF MD Pramod Upadhyay and Director Finance Alok Agarwal for the investigation. The committee has submitted its report of 39 pages to the government. A total of 85 lakh 54 thousand 26 rupees reported governmental damage in the report. Confirmed to give contracts for arbitrarily decorated fans. Investigations revealed that the pot was also purchased at more than the market rate.

The APC had sent the report with the recommendation of strict action to the CM through the Chief Secretary. In this, the rest of the remaining Rs 96 lakh has been recommended to declare ‘zero’. The APC had recommended the reinstatement of the Dharmapal, promoted to the post of Deputy Director, along with the suspension of the then garden superintendent Dharampal Yadav, garden incharge Sanjay Rathi and accountant Kishore Pathak, and recovering 82 lakh rupees from them.

Similarly, APC had also sanctioned action against the guilty officers of the Gurdwara in-charge Rathi, recovering one lakh rupees, against three convicted personnel, FIRs and loopholes in supervision of the crime under the Prevention of Corruption Act. CM has given orders for action while accepting APC’s report and accepting it. Explain that the total expenditure of the Investors Summit was shown to be Rs. 20 million and Rs. 197. Of this, Rs.15 million 51 lakhs 91 thousand 815 was paid. But the payment of 96 lakh 10 thousand 158 rupees was stopped on the complaint of the scam.
Notice being made for senior officers
According to the government officials, the ‘show cause notice’ will be given to the then Director, Additional Director, Joint Director, Deputy Director, and the Finance Controller of the Gardens Department, who is guilty of loosely supervision. The file is being prepared for this.

In the matter of scandal in the decoration of Investors Summit, the Chief Minister has ordered the proceedings in accordance with the APC report. Under this process is being completed. – Sudhir Garg, principal secretary, garden

Only formal orders will be issued
The government has prepared the file for compliance with the order of Chief Minister. This file has been sent to forest and garden minister Dara Singh Chauhan for signature. Formal orders of action will be issued as soon as they are signed.

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