America is stealing oil money: Venezuela’s complaint

America is stealing oil money: Venezuela’s complaint
30 Jan

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that the United States is stealing the country’s money from oil by banning unilaterally on Venezuela’s oil sector.

The US government has imposed new sanctions on Venezuelan oil company Petroleus de Venezuela, and wants to give this country the oil revenues there to the rebel leader, Khwan Guaido, who is uprooting Venezuela at the behest of America.

Guaydo proclaimed himself the interim president of Venezuela, although the President of this country, Nicolas Maduro became the President of the country by getting 67 percent of the vote, but since he holds anti-American views like his predecessor, Hyogo Chavez, the Washington Government ejected power from Maduro. Is engaged in trying to do.

President Maduro said that the look of Washington is on the venture of Venezuela’s company in the United States, which he is trying to grab on the pretext of the Holocaust. He said that we are contemplating legal action against the United States.

Maduro said that we will surely have the right answers at the right time.

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