US warning to Venezuela and Turkey

US warning to Venezuela and Turkey
02 Feb

The United States has given a strong response to the growing financial relations between Turkey and Venezuela.

The United States has called sanctions on the growing financial relations between Venezuela and Turkey. US Deputy Finance Minister “Marshal BillingSlia” has said on Thursday that Turkey is keeping an eye on financial relations between Venezuela and Venezuela and the sanctions imposed on Venezuela In the event of the action will be done on behalf of Washington. The US banned Venezuela three months ago, according to which Venezuela can not sell its gold Earlier in 2018, Venezuelan sold 23 tons 630 grams of gold to Turkey, resulting in a revenue of more than 900 million dollars. US Deputy Finance Minister “Marshall BillingSlalia” is going to Ankara tomorrow where they will also discuss the American sanctions on Venezuela and Iran.

This warning has been given by the United States at a time when Turkey’s President, Rajab Tayyab Ardogan, opposed Venezuelan legal president Nicolas Maduro last week, opposing the Venezuelan opposition leader “Juna Guadeno”, who himself Venezuelan president has been declared. The United States wants to overthrow the legitimate government of this country, supporting Venezuelan government’s opponents.

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