Army attack on Shi’ah Bahluli area, 5 casualties

Army attack on Shi’ah Bahluli area, 5 casualties
04 Feb

Saudi soldiers once again attacked the different areas of the city of Al Qatif in Eastern Province of Assyria, and casualties to 5 Saudi nationals, while injuring a large number of people.

According to Alamnar TV channel report, the soldiers attacked the Ummul Hammam and Aljash areas of Qatif for the purpose of searching the wanted people on Saturday and arrested two civilians by encroaching on these areas.

On 9th December, the Saudi soldiers also attacked the residential quarters of Qatif and killed five general men and two others injured.

The Shia Bahluli area of ​​Saudi Arabia has always been on the target of Saudi soldiers al-Qatif. Till now, tens of people in this area have been killed in military operations while hundreds have been injured and thousands have been arrested.

In the eastern areas of Saudi Arabia since 2011, there is a demonstration against the Saudi regime against injustice and unfair division of property.

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