Rahul Gandhi’s announcement, Priyanka will be given the responsibility of national level not only in UP

Rahul Gandhi’s announcement, Priyanka will be given the responsibility of national level not only in UP
05 Feb

New Delhi: Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has returned from abroad and will soon take charge of Eastern Uttar Pradesh. As soon as Priyanka returned from abroad yesterday, the brother met Rahul Gandhi at the residence of his Tughlaq Road. Meanwhile Congress President Rahul Gandhi has said that not just UP, Priyanka Gandhi will be given further national responsibility. He said, “Being a general secretary is a national responsibility. I give the responsibility and the responsibility I give in the second responsibility after success. ”

Rahul claimed in the interview given to the English newspaper Hindustan Times that there is no difference in the alliance between the opposition parties, the split is in the BJP. He said, “Opposition parties are united, the faction is in BJP, where senior leaders are unhappy with the less importance of Prime Minister Modi.” Rahul said that Narendra Modi is not popular in his own party.

He said, “If I talk to all BJP leaders including Nitin Gadkari, Sushma Swaraj, Rajnath Singh, today I would not be surprised that they are not satisfied with the ways of working of Narendra Modi. So the feud is in the BJP. ”

On the demand of Ram Temple in Ayodhya and the Congress President said, “The matter is in the Supreme Court, so it will not be right that I will comment on it. I would say that Congress will accept whatever decision the Supreme Court will take. ”

Rahul Gandhi said, “We are in the government, we remain in the opposition too. We believe that institutions should not touch or should not attack the federal structure of India.” Rahul Gandhi said that the opposition is united on the issue of attacks on farmers, farmers and institutions.

He said about the attacks on institutions, “The democratic institutions in the country are in danger due to Modi’s dictatorial attitude. Modi thinks he is the God of the country, just like the British thought. We believe that you can not tamper with the federal structure of the country. You have to protect these institutions because these institutions are the soul of the country. “Rahul also targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his interview with Rafael, employment, farmers, small businessmen.

Question: is Rafael a big election issue?

Answer: Modi’s credibility went away. When I was walking in Delhi then I heard the watchman is a thief. Modi is lying that he is a warrior in the fight against corruption and will destroy it. Now the question is the validity of Rafael which will become clear in the investigation, hence the need for the JPC. If Modi does not have anything to hide, then why are they afraid of JPC?

Question: Where will you get good results in the election of 2019?

Rahul’s answer- I do not see any state where the party will not perform better than before. People are angry with Narendra Modi. Particularly poor people have been hurt by the Modi government’s note-taking and GST. The results of the recent elections in the three states were a sample of public response.

Question: Are just promises in budget?

Reply- Paying 17 rupees daily to the farming family is an insult to him. Definitely the Modi government is stuck in the maze. This is a step taken in nervousness, it will not work.

Question: Why criticize farmers for giving 6000 rupees?

Answer: We are not going to guarantee people such income which is not enough. We will not remove the already existing plan and bring new plans. Plans like MNREGA will continue to run.

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