Indians living in UAE are becoming millionaires, but how?

Indians living in UAE are becoming millionaires, but how?
05 Feb

It is said that when God gives to someone, he tears the chhapar. In the same way, there is a lot of luck in the days of Indians living in the United Arab Emirates and they are becoming millionaires overnight.

According to the report, a person of Indian origin living in the United Arab Emirates won a lottery of 19,35,49,500 rupees. List of the top 10 of the lottery winners includes six Indians. Last month, Abhishek Kathhel, an Indian expatriate from Sharjah, had won a million dollars in Dubai’s Duty Free Lottery.

According to the information received, an Indian expatriate won the amount of one crore dirham (27 million dollars i.e. 19,35,49,500 rupees) in the lottery on Sunday in Abu Dhabi. According to the report of Khaleej Times, Prashant Pandharath purchased online ticket on January 4, in which another Indian Kuldeep Kumar won another pooja of 100,000 dirham. Earlier in the last month, in another lucky draw, Sarath Purushottam, based in Dubai, was declared the winner of 1.5 million Dirham at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Another report from Gulf News said that a 45-year-old Indian expatriate won the jackpot Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millianyar draw of $ 1 million (36 lakh Dirham i.e. 7,31,65,000 rupees) last year. Saurabh Dave has been living in Dubai for the last six years and works as an insurance company head, he bought the lottery ticket for the first time and got the big reward for the first time only.

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