Robert Vadra arrives at the ED office, even today 40 questions will be asked

Robert Vadra arrives at the ED office, even today 40 questions will be asked
09 Feb

New Delhi: The Enforcement Directorate (ED) team will again inquire from Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s brother-in-law Robert Vadra again today. Vadra ed office has reached. According to sources, today they will be asked about 40 questions. Earlier, on February 6 and 7, they were questioned for about 15 hours.

On 6th day his wife Priyanka Gandhi himself went to Vadra to leave the ED’s office, and on 7th day he went to take him after interrogation. Robert Vadra and Priyanka Gandhi arrived in the book launch of Congress leader P Chidambaram yesterday. Priyanka has recently been active in Congress and she has been given the responsibility of Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Official sources had said in the past that Vadra had to be involved in the investigation on Thursday because he had to ask more questions about the alleged purchase of fixed assets in Britain. It is believed that Vadra’s ‘face’ was done by the documents which the agency has obtained or seized during the investigation of the case. They also have documents related to the absconding defense dealer Sanjay Bhandari.

Official sources said that Vadra shared documents with the investigating officer of the case and said that he would also be shared when he would receive more documents. The matter was inquired for about six hours for the first time on Wednesday in Vadra. A lawyer from Vadra said on Wednesday night that Vadra responded to every question asked by him. On Thursday, they were questioned for about 9 hours.

This is related to the alleged allegations of money laundering in the purchase of a property of £ 1 million in 12 Brianstown Square in London. This property is allegedly by Robert Vadra. The investigating agency had also told the court that it has received information about several new properties in London which is Vadra’s. They have two houses of fifty and four million pounds and six other flats and other properties.

Vadra has denied allegations related to illegal foreign assets and alleged that he is being ‘harassed’ for political interests. On February 2, a Delhi court had asked Vadra to appear in front of ED and cooperate with him. Vadra had approached the court for anticipatory bail in the money laundering case.

ED had also raided the case in December last year and had questioned Manoj Arora, the employee of Skylite Hospitality LLP, and others associated with Vadra. The investigating agency had told the court that he filed a PMLA case against Arora because his role came to light during the investigation of another case by the Income Tax Department under the Kaladhan Act of 2015 against Bhandari.

The agency had alleged that London’s property was bought by Bhandari for £ 1.9 million and sold it at the same price in 2010, despite spending about 65,900 pounds on its beautification.

It is likely that Vadra will be present in another case of money laundering related to land scam in Bikaner in front of the ED on February 12 in Jaipur. The Rajasthan High Court has directed him to cooperate with the investigating agency in this case.

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