Zahrat’s martyrdom day in Hazrat Fatate

Zahrat’s martyrdom day in Hazrat Fatate
09 Feb

Pagambere Islam had died and his soul had passed for only a few months but the suffering of the distance from the father of Hazrat Fatma Jahra (S) was not reduced, he became sick of his father’s grief.

He was waiting with great distraction for the day that his father had promised him. Pagmari Islam (S) had told him at his time of his death: My daughter! After me all of you will meet me first. On the last night of his life, Hazrat Fatma Jahra (S) saw his father in Khwab that they are saying: Come to me, my daughter, I am very restless to see you. In response, Hazrat Fatma Jahra (S) said, “Allah knows that I am more restless than you.” Pagmari Islam (S) told Hazrat Fatima Jahra (S) in the dream that you will come to me tonight.

Hazrat Fatma Jahra (S) in the last moments of his life, called his husband Hazrat Ali al-Islaam to him, Hazrat Ali’s eyes continued to tear. In this condition, he came to Hazrat Fatma Jahra (S) when he came from Hazrat Ali al-Hisham Said: My life is just a few moments, I want to do some will. Hazrat Ali said: Tell the person who is in the heart. By saying this, Hazrat Ali Ali Sasam sat down in front of them. Hajrat Fatma Jahra (S) said: You have never heard of me lying or seen evil and since I started a joint life with you, I have not opposed anything of you. Hazarat Ali said: God’s love, you know more than me, you are better than this, fearful of God is great and committed that I should decrease in you, the distance from you is very heavy for me, you lose it for me There is no sadness for me, pain is more painful than it is painful and painful. God’s love! It is such a sadness that the strength to mourn not remain in me, and no one can compensate for it. Saying this, the eyes of Hazrat Ali al-Hisham came again, and then both of them started crying again, then Hazrat Ali Ali Sislam said: Tell Fatma what I want to say, I will obey everything you do. Hazrat Fatma Jahra (S) said: “Those who have done injustice to me and have violated my rights, do not let them vote on my death, they are enemies of my enemies and pagmurs Islam, my prayers are not part of my life. Take aye, when the eyes go to sleep on the night, then you will bury me. ”

Madina town was sunk in the darkness of the night, on every side there was a sinew, such as mourning the whole atmosphere. Hazrat Ali was alone, the kids were distraught. Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Fatma was going to Jahra (S) to his last destination. Hajrat Fatma Jahra (S), who was immersed in the condolence of his father, had seen many injustices, had seen great injustice and now with broken ribs, he had gone abroad to go to his father. Hazrat Ali was taking that great person to bury the grave in the dark of night, which is ideal for the women of the whole world.

Hazrat Fatma Jahra (c) Pagmbere was the daughter of Islam whom his father used to call the angel in the form of an angel and said: ‘Fatma! God chose you and he made you holy, gave you preference over the women of the whole world. Similarly, Pagmbere Islam said that whatever the Fatema will trust, he will be with me in heaven, and whoever will be hostile to him, his whereabouts are hell. It is written in the history that whenever Hazrat Fatma Jahra (S) went to his father, he stood up and welcomed him, kissed his forehead and grabbed his hand, and placed them in the place where he was sitting himself and whenever he came back from a journey Before coming all of them went to my daughter and kissed her throat and said that I feel the aroma of heaven from Fatima. Similarly, before going on pilgrimage, Pagmbere Islam met with his daughter at the end, when people asked Pagmbere Islam to ask who did you want more than all? So they always answer this, give their daughter Fatma to her daughter Fatima.

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